The bouquet from Nature gently drifts through the conservatory creating an array of heady, floral scents in our garden that caresses the beautiful and gentle wings of butterflies. Add in the earthy smells that waft through the air, the sound of waterfall and the tinkling of wind chimes and you will begin to understand that our magical garden is truly an enchanting mix of magnificence, dreaminess and peace that is brought alive by the amazing environment which is enhanced by colors that only Great Mother Nature herself can create. In our sanctuary colors are never still, and just like our butterflies, plants and flowers are always renewing themselves.

Come, and you will leave in awe at the breathtaking, almost translucent way a butterfly looks, the changes in color that take place when the sun is shining through its velvety wings in such a manner that makes them radiate exquisiteness and grace. We dare you to accurately describe such a wonderful experience!

Our mission is to educate about these elusive fragile creatures and their significance, recover threatened butterflies, increase numbers of widespread species, and inspire people to understand them, deliver butterfly conservation, as well as promote awareness and protection actions in our diverse ecosystem. Unfortunately some species of butterflies are threatened by the loss of their natural habitat.

Get ready to experience the beauty of nature close hand and let your imagination run wild in this extraordinary place, which was created with lots of love and passion. Let the adventure begin - discover, learn, protect, marvel…